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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

September Goals Update and October Goals

I realized today that I never updated my September goals, or posted new goals for October.  My mommy brain is strong these days...

September Goals
  • Continue to track my eating/workouts with My Fitness Pal. Done! I want to say it told me I was at 85 days straight this week.
  • Read three books. Did I read The Hunger Games series in August or the beginning of September? If it was September, I accomplished this. If not, I'm pretty sure I did not read much else this month.
  • Try 1 new muffin recipe. Nope.
  • Try 1 new snack recipe. Nada.
  • Make a cool Lego cake for Jonah's birthday. Done!
  • Teach the boys at least one song from the liturgy. We learned the first verses of "God's Own Child, I Gladly Say It" and "Silent Night" instead.
  • Continue my homeschool research and finalize letter of the week plans.  Hopefully I can get this started this month too! I have continued to read more about this, but I've put off letter of the week stuff for now. I am interested in this, but apparently not motivated or passionate enough about it to actually do it.
  • Throw a Lego party! Done! The party was awesome, and you can read more about it here.

October Goals's obvious (at least, to me) that just making a list on the blog is not enough for me to remember or achieve my goals each month, unless they are going to automatically happen (like the birthday party/cake).  I think this month I will try printing my list and posting it on my closet door so I constantly see it. We'll see if that helps me get more done...

Basically, a lot of my goals this month are to get things back on track in areas that I've been successful in before, but have gotten lazy about lately. It's time to fix my bad habits...

  • Post pictures of items on Facebook garage sale site. I've had things sitting in a bin for a few months and just haven't photographed them yet.
  • Reorganize the Legos in bins. I'm cheating a bit because we just finished this this morning. But it was definitely an October goal, and I'll post about what we did later this week!
  • Figure out laundry and budget accordingly. We have been going back and forth between using Jesse's aunt's machines (a hassle and it takes all day, but free), the coin laundry at our apartment (the dryers are terrible), and the laundromat (more expensive, but they work and everything gets done in under 2 hours).
  • Do a no-restaurant challenge for a week. We've fallen back into old habits lately, especially going out for lunch a lot (says the girl who had Chinese for lunch).
  • Be more intentional about snacks. The kids have eaten crackers/cookies a lot lately, and I usually resort to some kind of sugar. Bad habits...
  • Create a spot for Hannah at the table for meals. Basically, this means shifting chairs and pulling the extra booster seat out, something I've been meaning to do for awhile.
  • Go through clothes, shoes, and winter gear and make sure everyone has everything needed.
  • Teach the kids two more songs/verses.
  • Get back to using cloth diapers more frequently. I've been slacking lately and using disposables a lot even when we're home, so I'd like to get back to cloth at home, disposables when we're out and at night only.
  • Make a toothbrush sticker chart for the boys.

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