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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lego Organization

Sometimes I feel like Legos are a never-ending project. Jonah is currently at the stage where he likes to put the sets together following the directions, but a lot of his sets had gotten mixed together, making it hard to find the pieces.

So we decided to reorganize. We picked up seven of the small clear containers at Walmart ($0.96 each), and 2 larger blue ones ($0.97 each).  We also used a blue pencil box that we had gotten earlier, a round Ziploc container (not shown), and a bucket.
And then we sorted. We dumped out all the Legos and lost the living room for 3 days while we put the different sets back together. So now they each have their own container, with the directions tucked in too. (The old direction organization method was good for when we only had a few sets, but was not working for all the new ones). We also have a container for all the extra pieces, and one for all the mini-figures.
Now Jonah can take out one or two sets at a time to work on. It's still not a perfect system, and we do have some missing pieces, but overall, it's much better than it was.
Now I just need to find a home for them in the boys' room instead of next to the coffee table.

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