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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Goals Update

  • Post pictures of items on Facebook garage sale site. I haven't made it completely through the bin yet, but I've been clearing more things out of the house, especially out of the kids room.  Progress is something!
  • Reorganize the Legos in bins. Done! This is working pretty well so far. You can read about it here.
  • Figure out laundry and budget accordingly. We have decided to do laundry at our place for the time being. It's faster and less of a hassle than driving to Jesse's aunt's house, although we did appreciate it.

  • Do a no-restaurant challenge for a week. Not done officially, although I think we went out to eat maybe three or four times in the whole month.
  • Be more intentional about snacks. This kind of happened, although I didn't end up making as many things as I wanted to, so we did fall back onto crackers and treats.

  • Create a spot for Hannah at the table for meals. Done! And she started eating the pureed veggies, which she thinks are pretty tasty.
  • Go through clothes, shoes, and winter gear and make sure everyone has everything needed. We ended up needing some hats and mittens, which we were able to get at the store already. The only other thing we might need is a coat/snowsuit for Hannah if she grows too much. We have a 6-9 month one that's a little big for that size, which is where she is now, so we'll see.
  • Teach the kids two more songs/verses. We are in the process of learning the second verse of "Silent Night". I don't think we've started a second new song though.
  • Get back to using cloth diapers more frequently. Done! What also helped me get back in the habit was that I had 11 disposables left for Matthew and about 5 days worth of waiting for an Amazon gift card on my Swagbucks account and then the couple days of shipping for the diapers to get here.  We made it, barely!
  • Make a toothbrush sticker chart for the boys. Not done.

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