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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jonah's Lego Party!

I love birthday parties! Maybe even more than the kids do...

Birthday Banner: I printed the letters from here and the little guy from here. The big yellow Lego sign is actually a bag from the Lego store, which we visited a few days before the party.

I also cut out extras of the little guy and hid them around the room for the kids to find.

Coloring Pages: I printed several copies off from the Lego site here.

I saw several versions of the juice boxes on Pinterest... well as the utensil holder, which I built from our larger Duplo blocks.

My favorite part, although it ended up being trickier than I thought, was the Lego cakes, which I made with a combination of loaf pans and mini cupcakes.

We also had lots of Lego building time.  All in all, the birthday boy had a great time!
I saw so many great ideas online for Lego party ideas, but I knew that realistically these few things were what I would be able to accomplish. And we all had fun!

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