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Monday, July 29, 2013

Organizing Lego Directions

Jonah has really gotten into Legos lately, and we now have several sets.  The blocks are contained in one large bin and a couple smaller cases for specific sets, which is good enough for now.  I know once he gets more we'll need some sort of system for organizing them.  I really like the idea of doing them by colors.

The one part that wasn't working? The direction booklets.  They just got thrown in the bin with the blocks.  Pages were torn out, some were bent, and a few were ripped.  I knew if Jonah wanted to keep using them, we needed a new way to manage the booklets.
Enter the 3-ring binder.  I got this small binder with dividers as part of a label/organizing basket I won last year, and I never found a good use for it.  It wasn't the right size for any of my projects, and it was actually sitting in our donations tub.  It's the perfect size for the Lego directions!
I took 5 minutes to punch holes in the booklets, and used the dividers to separate the different booklets, although that's not really necessary as long as they're in order.  Now Jonah's directions are safe from getting destroyed in the block bin, and he can still easily find what he wants to build next! 

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  1. Love the idea! Exactly what I was looking for!

  2. Katherine, Great idea!
    I was actually thinking of doing something similar but using clear page covers instead of hole punching the booklets. I firt have to do a major intervention in my son's room.

    1. type error, I meant first.

    2. I think page covers might be even better. We've had to fix a few that got torn out.