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Sunday, March 17, 2013

What I'm Reading...

Dear Mom On The iPhone, I Get It.  I have to admit that I sometimes judge moms on their phones, maybe because I don't have a fancy phone.  But I shouldn't. (Fried Okra)

What Is The Best Thing You've Done To Grow Your Site? For me, I notice the most increase in traffic when I participate in linky parties.  But I'm not necessarily trying to grow a brand, so I don't have a site presence in social media either. (Money Saving Mom)

How I Keep My (Natural) Beauty Routine Sane. (Simple Mom)

10 Excuses We Make To Keep Our Clutter. (Simple Organized Living)

The cookbook challenge mentioned in this Menu Plan Monday post sounds like a good idea! (I'm An Organizing Junkie)

Sometimes It's Okay To Be A Control Freak. I hate how my husband folds towels. (The Happiest Mom)

Energy Efficient vs. Green Friendly.  Old stuff holds up way better than new stuff. I hate planned obsolescence. (Kitchen Stewardship)

Saying Goodbye To Google Reader And Alternatives For Your Feed Reader.  I've switched over to feedly for a trial run, and so far I like it well enough that it will be my replacement reader if google reader does in fact go away (though there are petitions in the works to save it). (Tech Your Way)

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