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Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Goals Update

  • Make tortillas from scratch. This didn't happen.
  • Switch to plain yogurt. We switched, somewhat successfully.  The first time we had this, Jonah looked at me and said, "This tastes funny."  We're easing into it by adding sweet things to it at first, like chocolate chips and chopped fruit.
  • Continue granola bar search.  I actually didn't make any granola bars this month either.  But I did make a few kinds of cookies, muffins, and Danish pastries, so we had enough other homemade snacks.
  • Participate in another (hopefully bigger!) busy bag exchange. We got 13 new busy bags, which have all been played with numerous times.
  • Do something fun for St. Patrick's Day. Everyone got a really bad cold, so St. Patrick's Day was pretty low key this year.
  • Do something fun for Easter. We went to my parents' house (a treat in itself!), dyed eggs, and had a pancake breakfast at church, plus a non-traditional pork steak and potato pancake dinner.
  • Celebrate Matthew's 2nd birthday! I can't believe my baby is 2 already!  I'll have a post up in the next few days about his fire truck birthday cake.
  • Fix the rip in our older couch. I noticed a second rip starting.  But I didn't fix either of them yet.
  • Finish the Thomas the Tank Engine magnets I started for the kids. I had these all ready to go, glued magnets on them, and the magnets fell right off.  They are still sitting in my current craft project basket waiting to be fixed. 
  • Consistently read my devotion every day.  Still not consistent.  I think this will be a constant work in progress for me.
  • Organize our upstairs loft area to make room for Hannah's crib and clothing. I did this through the 31 Day Organizational Challenge, and got a lot accomplished!
Even though I didn't end up completing a lot of my goals, I still feel like I got a lot done this month.  Hopefully next month I can be more successful!

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