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Sunday, March 10, 2013

What I'm Reading...

How To Change Your Life Without The Guilt Of Failure.  These are all good tips. (Money Saving Mom)

There's Nothing Magical About A New Month. I've definitely fallen into this mindset sometimes. (Northern Cheapskate)

It's Time To Attack The Craft Stash. I definitely need to work on this. (Simple Homemade)

Introducing New Foods To Your Kids.  We almost never make special meals for the kids, but I do think it might be helpful to start having more side dishes, or meals with multiple parts, so that way they have something they like even if they don't like everything. (Food For My Family)

A New Leaf Turned: My Experience (So Far) Going Hard-Core Paleo.  A few bloggers I follow have been doing a Whole30 food challenge, which cuts out grains and dairy for a month to reset your metabolism.  It's interesting to read about. (Simple Mom)

Confessions Of A Cloth-Diaper Drop Out.  We kind of gave up on cloth diapers for Jonah once he reached size 6 in disposables, because the cloth ones kept leaking since he was just too big.  Thankfully, he is pretty much potty trained now, and Matthew has moved to the larger size of cloth diapers that we have.  We still do about half and half, which is enough for me for now.  I do want to look into getting some teeny weeny cloth diapers for when Hannah is born though. (Simple Kids)

Truth About Fats: Baking With Healthy Fats.  Point number 2 taught me something new, about why you cream butter and sugar together in baking (it creates air bubbles) (Don't Waste The Crumbs)

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