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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Few Things I've Been Up To...

I've been busy the past few days, working on finishing some things that have been on my to-do list for awhile.

One of my favorite organizing tips is to look at something that is bothering you, or does not work, and figure out a way to make it work. For instance, we scan statements and important papers and file them digitally, but I was falling behind because things get stacked on our printer/scanner, and I don't move them to quick scan things as they come in. So, I found this tray to keep chargers, headphones, and the camera, among other things, so I can quick move it all, scan something, and put it back. Now the system works!

Another area that had been bothering me was our entryway. We rent, so we can't put huge holes in the wall, which means no fancy coatrack/shelf contraption like I eventually want. Our only large closet is currently our storage area, and it's kind of difficult to get to the part to hang coats. As a result, they kept ending up in a pile on the floor. Someone suggested 3M Command Hooks, so I went out and spent a little over $8, and I am so happy with the result! Since they are 3lb. hooks, Jesse's coat was too big, but his ends up on a dining room chair most days, so it's okay.

I found this Play Doh set for Jonah for Christmas on sale at Kohl's (and got it for free using a $10/$10 coupon I had gotten in the mail!), and he loves it! He especially likes when I come play too, so I have been spending some creative time sculpting lately.

I took the Christmas tree down, but put up more Christmas cards. They are now across both windows, as well as on the air conditioner cover. We have more, but I ran out of little clothespins, and I don't have a good spot for more, so this will be it for this year. A little bit of festive Christmas cheer to last into winter.

I've also:
  • Spent time updating the baby books (Jonah's is done, unless we go on his first boat or train ride)
  • Switched out the pictures in the frames around the house so they include Matthew (only took me 9 months!)
  • Caught up on the scanning I talked about above
  • Made homemade smoothie packets
  • Switched Matthew's clothes to 12-18 monthers
  • Gotten rid of my expired 2011 coupons

Maybe this isn't the most exciting stuff for you, but for me, it means my home is becoming more organized, my to-do list is much shorter, and I feel accomplished! What have you gotten done in the past few days/weeks?

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