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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bottlecap Snowmen

Aren't these bottlecap snowmen just the cutest little things? I saw this idea quite awhile ago, but we don't drink much, and I never remembered to ask people for their bottle caps, so it took awhile before I had even this many.

I painted the bottle caps white, which took several coats on each side. Using a hammer, nail and a piece of scrap wood, I pounded holes in the caps - two in the top one, two in the middle, and one in the bottom. That was actually really easy, although it was quite loud!

I threaded small pieces of craft wire through the holes and twisted it together in the back. I used a longer piece to make a loop on the top, and finished them off with some Sharpie faces and buttons.

Even though this was such an easy project, it's taken me the better part of a month to do. The other day, I was getting sick of how cluttered my dining room table was getting, so I decided to clear it off, and that included getting these guys out of the way.

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