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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My One Tip For Making Cooking From Scratch Easier

I make a lot of food from scratch.  It takes time, and energy, and it's not always the most fun thing to do (although I found a way to make the time more enjoyable!).  But there's one thing that always makes cooking from scratch easier.  

I do the dishes first.  

Here's before:
The counter has remnants of the first half of the day, and there's not a ton of workable space.  But with the dishes done?  Lots of room:
You'll notice there are still a few dirty dishes in the second photo.  That's because cups, bowls, plates, and silverware are done by the boys after dinner.  So I just did my dishes.  Most of theirs stay in one half of the double sink.

I first got the idea of having a completely clear counter from Crystal at Money Saving Mom.  And I loved it!  I'm a big fan of cleared off flat surfaces.  I think they look so much nicer, and they help keep me calm.  That's why I make sure to do all the dishes and have this counter cleared off 99% of the time before I go to bed.

Everything is easier with a clear counter.  You have space for all your ingredients and pans and bowls and a helper or two.  And when you're done, all that's left are a few dirty dishes.

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