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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

KonMari: Paper Edition

It has been awhile since my last KonMari update.  In theory, the next category - papers - is not a difficult one for me.  But bit by little bit, I did have a few trouble areas that crept back into being clutter.  
First up: magazines.  I've let most of my subscriptions lapse as they ran out (and thankfully I haven't paid for a magazine in years - these are all freebie ones I've found posted on deals sites!), but I still get a few.  I do enjoy reading them, but I've gotten woefully behind.  So I committed to skimming through most of these over the past few days.  I pulled out recipes and a few other things that I wanted to save, and the rest got recycled.
Next up: recipes.  I print these on the back of old school papers, and if we like them, they go on notecards in my recipe binder.  My stack of recipes to copy over was eleven tall.  So I took twenty minutes and took care of that (and also cleaned out some less-loved recipe cards from in there).
Finally, my bill paying center.  I had a big stack of old bills to shred, and a few other things to recycle.  Overall, this 3-tier organizing tray is still working pretty well.
That means all I have left is komono (miscellaneous stuff).  I'm almost done then, right? Wink wink...

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