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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekly Goals: November 22-28

My baby girl turned one this week, and I had emotions about it.  This picture cracks me up, though.  "Why did they light my food on fire and start singing?!"

Last Week's Goals:
  • Finish my KonMari of the papers. Done!  Look for a post later this week.
  • Knit a few dishcloths. Done! Almost.  I did three, one each in each of the colors I have left of the cotton yarn, and now I'm working on a fourth one using up the little bit left of all three.  It might not be pretty, but it will work!
  • Nail down my Christmas project and shopping list. Done!
This Week's Goals:
  • Do some fun Thanksgiving projects with the kids.  I want to do some turkey things, but also try to find a few to focus on being thankful.
  • Bring the Christmas decorations boxes up from the basement.  We're not starting the decorating until next week, but I'd like to have things up and ready to start.
  • Eat some yummy food and enjoy time with family! 

The "How To Draw Monsters for Kids" video here is great!  And not just for kids...

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