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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

If Something Is Bothering You, Fix It!

I've posted previously about our homeschool room set-up, and not too much has changed since that post.  But one thing kept bothering me.  I use my Grandma's sewing machine as an extra table to hold my teaching manuals, and I bought some bookends a few months ago to hold them up.

But.  They are short bookends, and they kept falling down.  And I use these books every day we do school.  And it bugs me every day.

I finally had the brilliant idea to switch them with the bookends on top of the dining room bookshelf after I went through the books KonMari style last month. Because now there's only a few books on top of the shelf, so the small bookends work just fine up there, and the large ones hold up my manuals much better.
It took me two months of something bothering me almost every day to do something about it, guys.

Don't be like me.

If something is bothering you, fix it!  FIX IT.  I cannot stress this enough.

I realize not all problems are as easy to solve as my bookends.  But surely there must be something you can do.  Something that can move you toward a solution.

Maybe taking the first step is scary.  And that's okay.  But if it's bothering you anyways, is failing, or messing up, really going to be much worse?

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