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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekly Goals: April 26-May 2

Can you believe that before this week, I had never rolled out a pie crust?  I made this chocolate-chip-filled hand pie with the scraps.  It was delicious!

Last Week's Goals:
  • Get things organized for our garage sale.  Does adding more stuff to the pile count?  I only have a few days to price everything!
  • Make a list of kid clothes to purchase at garage sales this summer. Done!
  • Finish my wedding cross stitch. Done!
This Week's Goals:
  • Price everything for the garage sale.
  • Figure out May birthday presents, especially Hannah's and our niece Jenna's.  Living in a small town is forcing me to be on a stricter schedule for figuring these things out so I have time to get what I need if it's not available here.
  • Do the May church newsletter.
So I have a few big things to work on this week.  Here's hoping for a productive week!

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