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Friday, January 9, 2015

#MinsGame Update

This month I have been participating in the MinsGame.  Basically, each day you get rid of the number of items of that date, so 1 on the 1st, 2 on the 2nd, and so on.  Some days I've actually had more than the required number, just because I finished the area I was working on.  If you want to watch the day-by-day, you can search #katysminsgame on Instagram (or follow me), but I plan on doing a weekly wrap-up post here to keep myself accountable as well.
Day 1: 1 broken sippy cup (recycled)
Day 2: 2x2 dvd cases (recycled). We keep movies in plastic sleeves because they take up less space.
 Day 3: Random lid (recycled), broken sunglasses (trashed), holiday spatula (garage sale pile)
Day 4: Broken kids plate (recycled), cupcake corer, mug, and train cake decorations (garage sale pile)
Day 5: 4 kids bowls and a water bottle (garage sale pile)
Day 6: 5 kids cds (garage sale pile) and Luke 2 copy (recycled)
Day 7: 2 rolls of tape and a water filter refill (garage sale pile), reusable kcup directions and pregnancy medications list (recycled), faucet adapters and old work nametag (trashed). Also a pile of papers from the past 3 months that I scanned and later shredded.
Day 8: 10 of these 14 dolls from a bin that has been at my parents' house (garage sale pile)
Day 9: Pile of random papers (top left, recycled), more kitchen appliance directions (bottom left, recycled), calculator and oven thermometer (bottom left, garage sale pile), pile of safety pins (bottom left, garage sale pile), magnets and snowmen ornaments (right, garage sale pile)

So. I've been busy.  And that doesn't even scratch the surface of all the extra stuff to get rid of.  But I am enjoying the purging so far, and it's easy!  

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