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Saturday, January 24, 2015

#MinsGame Update 3

I'm still going strong with the MinsGame, although it's definitely been getting harder to find things twenty-some at a time.  It's good motivation to keep decluttering though!  You can see more in update #1 and update #2.  Here's what we got rid of this week:
Day 18: More kids books, plus expired medicines and extra medicine cups.
Day 19: A few books I'm done with (I'm thinking of trying out Paperback Swap, but I haven't had a chance to look into it yet), breastmilk storage bags that are extra, package of straws and sandwich bags we don't use, and a bunch of bathroom items, most of which were in the cupboard when we moved here.
Day 20: Random items from the junk drawer of "house stuff" that was in the kitchen, which is now organized with only the useful things in it, and more pens. Before I started this challenge, I saw several people posting pens as some of their items and I confess, I thought that was a cop-out post.  But seriously.  There's a ton of them, and some days you need something you can grab easily to get rid of to keep up with the challenge.
Day 21: All the papers to the right of the cereal box came from cleaning out the craft cupboard.
Days 22 and 23: 45 little boy clothing items that are too small.  We are on our last batch of hand me down clothes from friends and family, and we have been spoiled having way too many clothes.  It makes buying new ones hard!

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