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Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I'm Reading...

Stop Saving Your Stickers. I still do this, with craft supplies, with edible treats. I love this perspective though! (The Art Of Simple)

Introducing Little Ones To Gardening. We are limited to container gardening on our tiny balcony, but we are still having the boys help plant and water our tomatoes and peppers, and later on they can pick them. (Little House Living)

My Timeless Strategy For Buying Electronics. This is a really good idea for people who don't heavily use their electronics. Like me - I surf the internet, blog, and watch videos. I don't need anything too fancy, and I can use what I have until it dies. (The Simple Dollar)

How To Get Kids Cracking Making Cheese Crackers And Wheat Thins. I've made wheat thins before (although not this recipe), and the cheese crackers sound yummy too. Might have to try these with the boys...(Simple Bites)

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