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Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Goals

Can I still make a goals list if June is halfway done?  I suppose so...


  • Wean Hannah off of her evening bottle.
  • Switch Hannah to her actual crib (she has been sleeping in her own room now, but still in the pack and play), and get rid of the pacifier, both after convention.
  • Teach Matthew to clean himself up after using the toilet.
  • Purge more toys so all the Legos have a home in the boys' room.
  • Catch up on scanning bills and documents, and shred papers.
  • Get all pictures from my phone saved onto my computer, and those plus the Paris pictures saved to the external hard drive.
And finally, enjoy visiting Mankato next week and try to stay under budget for food/going out with friends.  I'm really looking forward to the trip, although I'm also ready to be done with traveling for the summer.

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