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Sunday, June 15, 2014

What I'm Reading...

It's the return of the What I'm Reading post! However, I've decided to get rid of the What I'm Pinning section. If you're still interested in that, head on over to Pinterest and follow me! I haven't been on there as much lately, and I'm looking to do a major overhaul of the 4,500+ pins I have on there (yikes!), but I am still adding new craft ideas and recipes occasionally.

How Giving Up Real Food Made Our Family Healthier. We have definitely gone through one of these phases over the past month as well.  Sometimes you just need a break. (Life Your Way)

You've Got Your Hands Full! This is hands down the response I get most often when I'm out in public with my 3 kids and my ever-expanding belly. (Holy Hen House)

5 Simple Steps For Taming Your Craft Stash. I need to work on this. Oh, how I need to work on this. (I'm An Organizing Junkie)

Produce Storage Cheat Sheet. Some things last for longer than I thought! (100 Days of Real Food)

Less, Less, Less, Less, Less, Less... The minimalist mindset is hard. But worth it. (The Minimalists)

We will be busy hanging out with friends at the annual synod convention this week, so I can't promise much of an update, but I'll be back next week with the menu plan, and whatever else I come up with!

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