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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Goals Update

My goal for March was to catch up on a lot of stuff.  I did fairly well, although I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to.  What is a goals list if not a chance to aim high, though?

I was also planning to do a few things this past week, and then my computer screen died.  I had just saved everything to our external hard drive the day before, so it was not a data loss, but the fun of setting up a new computer (transferring files, setting up printers, downloading software, and so on and so on) takes awhile, and I'm not quite done with all that, so my picture projects got put on the back burner in favor of getting that set up.

  • Teach Jonah and Matthew v.1 of "Hosanna, Loud Hosanna" (Hymn 279). Done! They are ready to sing this in church in a couple weeks.
  • Switch Hannah's clothes to 12-18 months. Done! I also organized the rest of the baby clothes so that it's easier to see what we have.

  • Make another food off of my Intimidating Foods list. I thought about making tortillas, but we ended up having enough store-bought ones that I didn't.
  • Decrease my sugar intake. I can track this through My Fitness Pal, so I'm going to figure out my average for the past few months and work on lowering it. I figured out my average, and tracked it with the data from My Fitness Pal and an excel sheet (up until my computer died). In the day-to-day, I was doing pretty well, but those days I splurged and had Starbucks or Ben & Jerry's really upped the average, so I just need to limit those and I should be fine.


  • Add Hannah and Micah to the birthday board.  She's 9 months and he's 6 months. Nope.
  • Work on 2013 Family photo book through Shutterfly. I picked pictures and got as far as uploading them before my computer died. So I still have to finish making the book.
  • Order photos and redo picture frames with updated pictures. I made a list of pictures I need to find but I haven't ordered them yet. I did redeem My Coke Rewards points for 100 free pictures from Shutterfly, so I'll be able to order those at the same time as the photo book when I do finish it.
  • Order photos for Hannah's baby book and update a few things in there. Same as above, I made a list of what I need but I haven't ordered them yet.
  • Finish magazine holder from Iron Craft Challenge #2 in January.  I spent more time on other projects so this still isn't done. And my magazine pile is getting bigger again. Sigh.
If I Get Ambitious:

  • Go through the bins of smaller baby clothes, purge (again!), and add dividers to split each size into "boy", "girl" and "gender neutral". Done!
  • Mend several pairs of pants. Not done, and I think we actually added two more pairs to the pile. What is with little boys and holes in pant kness?
  • Copy printed recipes onto note cards and reorganize my recipe binder. Not done.
  • Go through my Pinterest boards and delete links I'm no longer interested in keeping. Not done.
Overall, I think I did okay.  I didn't quite get everything done, but it was a long list, so I'm not surprised.  

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