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Friday, April 4, 2014

Lego Organization Part 2

Jonah has been a fan of Legos for quite awhile now. We had stored each pack in a small container, but he is starting to build his own creations now, and taking pieces from multiple packs meant that they weren't really organized very well.
With that in mind, we decided to organize by color.  I got two 3-drawer organizers from Hobby Lobby (saved 40% on one with a coupon too!) and we got to sorting.  We also reused some of the smaller containers from the previous storage method, so that helped too.
I grabbed some labels from the desk and colored them with the color and stuck them on the drawer. They are already peeling off though, so I think I'll have to redo them with packing tape on top to really get them to stick.
All the little people get their own container (although I'm not sure why the ladder is in there).

And the directions. Right now they are stuffed into a big ziploc bag, but I'm hoping to get a big binder and some page protectors to slide them in, so that Jonah can find what he needs when he wants one, but they won't get destroyed otherwise.
I'm pretty happy with this method, although Jonah is still working on being able to find all the pieces he needs when he does actually want to build something specific to the directions.  But I know some of that will come with age too.  How do you organize the Legos at your house?

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