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Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I'm Reading...

Toddlerhood: The Load and Tote Phase.  Jonah is mostly through this phase, but Matthew is just starting it.  The explanation in this post makes so much sense! (Creative With Kids)

My Prenatal Expectations Of Parenthood Caused Me To Lose Track Of My Marriage.  "Now, the only regular contact with adults I had was from my husband, so every little thing he did and said mattered that much more to me. His role in my life was and always will be a very large and important one, but it grew exponentially." While I wouldn't say I lost track of my marriage, this bit of the post absolutely resonated with me. (Offbeat Mama)

Hot Breakfast Ideas That Require Little Effort (Eat Well, Spend Less).  A lot of these ideas are similar to ones we'll be using this month. (Denver Bargains)

Common Blogging Terms (Blogging Basics For Beginners).  I know a lot of these, but some were new to me.  (Work Your Way)

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