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Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I'm Reading...

Confessions Of An Autopilot Parent.  My computer is both my friend and my enemy for sure.  (Motherhood Your Way)

SEO Optimize Your Blog Posts Using Keywords.  I don't blog to make money, but this is helpful for those who do.  (Blogging Your Way)

Garage Sale Tips For The Non-Garage Saler.  I love this list of tips for someone hosting a garage sale, from the perspective of someone who goes to a lot of garage sales.  (Organizing Junkie)

A Beginner's Guide To Freezer Cooking.  (Money Saving Mom)

Make Clearance Sales Work For You.  If you don't read any of the other posts linked here, read this one.  Such a smart list of how to effectively shop clearance sales.  (Northern Cheapskate)

Great Idea Of The Day: Make Skull Art With Bookcases.  Go look at the picture.  It's cool.  (Offbeat Home)

How To Talk To Little Boys.  I thought the title of this was misleading, but it's a good post about how boys don't like to read and think it's a "girl thing".  (Offbeat Mama)

How A Second Chance Question Can Make Us Better Moms.  Spoiler: "What can you do differently next time?" Effective for both kids and moms.  (Motherhood Your Way)

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