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Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I'm Reading...

I'm on an organizing and decluttering kick. Proof: In the past week, I've sold a few kitchen items I'm not using for $17! With many more to come...I'm working on this 100 Things Decluttering Challenge, and it's not that hard to come up with 100. You should try it!

Simplify & Minimize Your Home Life
. I think my favorite part was the pile of unmade decisions. It's so easy to have stuff pile up because you decide not to deal with it. (The Better Mom)

Do You Want to Earn Extra Money? Lots of good tips for selling things on ebay, Craigslist, and so on. (Be Simply Organized)

Toy Trucks Organized
. Oh to have the space for one of these. Maybe I need to make the space for one of these for all of our Little People sets... (Family Love Home)

SIMPLE Tips to Get Organized
. Acronyms are always helpful. (Money Saving Mom)

And finally, a non-organizing related post (although it was posted on an organizing blog), because this one just absolutely resonated with me. Motherhood: The Most Difficult Job I've Ever Had. I'm a Type A person too, and that makes being a mother very challenging at times. Like lately, when sleep schedules have been so varied and shifting that it's just about driven me crazy. (Simple Organized Living)

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  1. hi katherine! thank you so much for sharing my post about earning extra money! i truly believe we could all make little extra money doing exactly what you are doing - challenging yourself to declutter just a little bit. and look - you are already making money! good for you!!!! :-)