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Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I'm Reading...

10 Containers to Reuse or Recycle for Craft Supplies. I use baby wipes containers for most of mine, plus a few jars. (Life Your Way)

How to Plan a Snow Picnic. This looks like so much fun when my kids are a bit older! (Simple Bites)

Dinner Organizing Advice from 10 Large Families. An interesting meal planning read. (Unclutterer) and 40 Pounds of Beef + 7 Hours = 40 Freezer Meals shows one way to use your freezer. (Money Saving Mom)

Words Will Never Hurt Me? This is true regardless of age. (Simple Mom)

The Real Debate: Cash vs. Credit Cards. I like to read others' opinions on this one, because there are always so many valid points on both sides. (Money Saving Mom)

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