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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fridge Deep Cleaning

My February goal was to deep clean our refrigerator. All of the shelves needed to be wiped down, and those little ridges in the door had been collecting yucky stuff for far too long. I didn't take a before picture, because when I got in the mood to clean the fridge (or at least as close to "in the mood" as I was going to get), I didn't want to waste a minute!

I promise we normally have more in our refrigerator than butter and wine. This was the day or so before shopping, and since it was extra empty, it seemed like a perfect time.

And here's our fairly empty (really!) freezer. I wiped that out too.

I'm super excited to get this checked off my list of to-dos, and it actually motivated me to clean out my dish strainer and clean off my counters too!

On a side note, I actually think it's really interesting to peek into other peoples' refrigerators and freezers. So now you've seen mine. What's in yours?


  1. Good for you! I despise cleaning the fridge but there must have been something in the air recently because I cleaned two of the shelves the other day. {However, the other shelves and the door are still waiting...}

  2. I had to get something off a back bottom shelf in mine today... this should be on my todos, and fast.