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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What I'm Reading...

How to Peel and Dice a Butternut Squash. I'm posting this because while I now know how to do it with no problem, I used to be completely confused as to how this worked, and this post explains it really well with lots of pictures. Don't fear the squash! They're really yummy! (Home Ec 101)

14 Things I Never Thought I Would Say. I've really been meaning to start a list of these somewhere. I've posted a few on Facebook, but there are just so many good things that come out of a parent's mouth when trying to deal with young children. (Jason Good)

Auto Pilot. I recently found this blog, and I have dreams/lofty goals of sometime in the future getting us to a far-less-waste home (because I don't realistically think we'll ever be zero-waste). Here she describes her grocery/errands trip. I think it's pretty neat to hear how she fills jars with bulk goods and takes home her freshly made baguettes in a pillowcase. (The Zero Waste Home)

How to Use Repetition as a Fun and Effective Tool to Teach Our Children
. (Life Your Way)

A Dose of Financial Reality
. I always find these comparisons interesting. (The Simple Dollar)

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