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Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I'm Reading...

Career Advice: Three Ways to Survive as an Offbeat Employee in an Onbeat Job. I'm not terribly offbeat, nor do I currently work outside the home, but I still found this interesting. (Offbeat Home)

How Do You Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Cleaned Off? Crystal's countertops are so inspiring. But I don't know if I could function enough to dig out my coffeemaker before I've had my coffee. And I don't have anywhere to store most of my stuff. But for the future...(Money Saving Mom)

The Kitchen Hour. I like this. I do some things while Jonah is running around, usually dinner preparation, but the occasional baking too. With Matthew it's tricky, because he will only tolerate his chair for about 5 minutes, or less. Once he's old enough to sit and play, I think it will become more regular. (The Happiest Mom)

Wise Words Wednesday: Ma Ingalls. A good reminder that we are blessed with a lot of conveniences. (The Happiest Mom)

How to Significantly Increase Your Income Without Working Harder (Part 2). Now if only I could come up with that next great idea... (Money Saving Mom)

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