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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Birthday Cake

My birthday isn't technically until Sunday, but I wanted to make myself a pretty cake. I've wanted to do a cake with fondant and pretty frosting for years. Years. I've just never had all of the right stuff. But then I found a set of 4 frosting tips for $3.00 at Walmart. And 2 vinyl frosting bags for $2.00. And a recipe (kind of) for homemade fondant that only had two ingredients. It seemed like now would be a good time to try.

So. I did it. This was my first time doing fondant, and my first time using frosting tips. I actually found the fondant part easier than I expected, and the frosting harder than I expected. Because the fondant "recipe" didn't include any measurements, I guessed, and I ended up making way too much. Luckily, it has a bit of a shelf life, so now I have some for Jonah's birthday cake in a few weeks.

My fondant started to rip apart as I transferred it from my board to my cake. I figured I could fix it on the cake. But you really can't. At least not without ugly lines. Next time, put it back down and re-roll it. Lesson learned.

The bottom border of frosting was easy. Drawing lines and doing handwriting was really hard though. If there were any air bubbles in the frosting bag at all (there were), it made the lines go all wonky. And frankly, I don't have the prettiest handwriting anyways, so trying to make it look nice on a cake? Not so much.

I made a complete mess of the kitchen, ended up doing dishes 3 times in one day, got frosting on the floor, the wall, and in my hair. But in the end, it was a really yummy cake, and now I kind of have an idea of how cake decorating works. I'm really excited to do it again in a couple weeks for Jonah's birthday. I already have his cake planned out in my head. It will be similar to this one, but with extra embellishments.

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