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Monday, September 19, 2011

Jonah's Birthday Cake

My little Jonah is turning 2 this week! It seems so hard to believe he's that big already, but he is. Lately, he has been loving a few of the characters from the Cars movies. This impresses me, since he has never seen either movie, only a few clips online. But, since he likes them so much, I knew I wanted to make a Cars cake for him.

Since I'm just beginning cake decorating, I decided to keep it somewhat simple. I used my checkerboard cake set again, just because with racecars it made sense.

I did the initial layer of white fondant, and then added "red" checkerboards to it. The red turned out pretty pink. I was going to do black, but I was smart enough to realize that without gel, mixing food coloring drops to the fondant was probably going to just get to gray. I hoped red would work. Oh well. The squares are wonky on purpose, because the cake wasn't exactly level, and I had some fondant oopsies to cover.

I did crushed oreo cookies for the racetrack, and a few frosting garnishes. I still need more practice on those, but that went better than last time.

Jonah had seen the cake itself beforehand, but I added the cars and balloon while he was napping. Needless to say, he was pretty excited about the cake when he woke up!

Happy Birthday my cool kid!

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