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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crafty Link-Up: Fun Stuff for Kids

There are so many brilliant ideas out there for not only entertaining, but teaching your children all sorts of things. And yet, it's sometimes hard to remember any of them. That's why once again I'm so thankful for Pinterest, where I can save all of these ideas.

I think this food memory game where you get to eat your matches would be fun for adults too. Or maybe that's just me...

I've learned very quickly that sometimes the best toys aren't really toys at all. Like this stuff the pom-pom game. Shove pom-poms through a hole into a container. Dump. Repeat. Jonah would love this.

Jonah is starting to get really excited about counting. So far he knows one, because, well that's where you start, and two, because that's how old he is. And I don't really know if he understands more than that, but what do you expect? He's two. Anyways, for kids who are a little farther along, here's an easy way to practice counting. (P.S. The website is in German, but I think it's pretty self-explanatory...)

Now that we've had a couple Christmases and birthdays, I can say that we officially have a car collection going. Here's an easy way to make a road to drive the cars on, and teach colors!

And finally, I always think those "special" lunches are so cool, but I've never really tried to make time to make one. If I did, I would probably have to start with this Tow Mater sandwich, because he's Jonah's favorite.

Being that I have two kiddos who are just starting to get into all this fun learning stuff, I've been saving a ton of ideas. For lots more fun for kiddos, check out my board!

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