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Sunday, August 21, 2011

What I'm Reading...

What Freezes Well and What Doesn't. (One Dish Dinners)

Facebook Updates I Don't Want to Read. This made me laugh. And then, sigh, because I've done a lot of them. (Mama Kat)
Organizing on a Budget: Keeping Up. (Northern Cheapskate)

Building and Using a Time Diary. This sounds really interesting. I wonder what I would discover about my productivity? (The Simple Dollar)

Change the Color of Your Cabinets Without Pissing Off Your Landlord
. Ours don't have that inner panel, but I bet I could still make them look pretty. (Offbeat Home)

Creating an "In Case of..." File. Know that if I die, all of my magazine subscriptions are paid for or freebies, and you can change the addresses to your own. You're welcome. (Unclutterer)

A Simple Path to Little Victories. (Life Your Way)

3 Letters That Will Radically Improve Every Blog and Tweet You Ever Write. (Jon Acuff)

Make Today Count. Because looking at the big picture is good, but so is taking it one day at a time. (The Happiest Mom)

Do You Make a Pretty Plate?
(Life Your Way)

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