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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crafty Link-Up: I Like Trees

I have been saving pictures to my "Decorating Ideas" board, and I started to notice a trend of trees. Apparently, I like trees.

I think this would be so cute to have for hooks in the bathroom.

These next two are from baby rooms, but you could adapt them to any room in the house. Shelves for branches:

and a pretty circle tree with pictures:

And then there are some pretty paintings that I would like to think I could kind of recreate if I took the time to do so. I like the swirls in this one:

and the circles and the four seasons in this one:

And finally, I think this is an awesome representation of a family tree for a big centerpiece in the living room.

For the rest of my decorating ideas, i.e. all the non-tree ones, go check out my board!

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