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Sunday, March 13, 2011

What I'm Reading...

Welcome Spring to Your Kitchen. I'm right in the middle of spring cleaning/nesting/decluttering. Whatever you call it, I'm there. (Good Cheap Eats)

Choosing the Important Stuff. Because nothing else matters more. (Life Your Way)

What Are Your Favorite Green Living Blogs? Not that I need to add more blogs to my list, but... (Life Your Way)

Five Things You Can Do the Day After You Move in to Help Your Home Feel Like YOURS. (Offbeat Home)

How I Save Time, Money, and Energy in the Kitchen. I absolutely agree. (Money Saving Mom)

The Harsh Reality of Living with Next to Nothing. This article talks about living on $1000/month, which is actually not that far from what we currently live off of. However, the article and the game linked there definitely seem like they're from a higher cost of living area than we are. (Northern Cheapskate)

8 Money Saving Swap Ideas. (Life Your Way)

Secrets of a Former Credit Card Thief. He explains how he did it, and offers tips to protect your identity. (Yahoo Finance via Money Saving Mom)

Tips for Cluttered Surfaces. The easiest places to build up clutter are flat surfaces. Our worst is our dining room table. I have a basket there now to catch most of the miscellaneous stuff, but there's still more that ends up there that doesn't need to be there. (I'm an Organizing Junkie)

Free Printable Shopping Lists. I don't know that I'll necessarily print these out, but I really should start categorizing my grocery lists. It would mean less back and forth in the store. (Life Your Way)

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