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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Project Simplify Week 2: Paper Clutter (Before)

This week's challenge for Project Simplify over at Simple Mom is to get rid of paper clutter. This is one I was hoping would be part of the series, because it's something I've been meaning to do for awhile. Here are the things I'm planning to tackle:

Miscellaneous tax info and papers need to be put away. We actually already got our refund, so it's not that I have to do taxes. They just need to be filed.

This set of trays is my big focus. Some of the statements and documents here need to be scanned, but most just need to be shredded. All of our bills that can be paperless are paperless now, and we have access to those old statements through our online accounts if we need them. The others need to be saved and shredded. The rest of this tray, while not all paper, needs to be dealt with as well, because it's not an attractive addition to the living room.

In the kitchen, recipes I've used recently need to be filed.

I need to go through my crafty binder and miscellaneous pile and organize that. I have a bunch of random things I've torn out of magazines and catalogs because they looked interesting or I wanted to try them, so now I need to categorize those and remind myself what I have. I also have a few odds and ends here that need to get put away.

I could probably find even more paper clutter around the house to take care of, but these are the things that immediately jumped out at me today, so they're the ones I'm going to work on first. How is your spring cleaning going?

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