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Monday, March 21, 2011

Project Simplify Week 2: Paper Clutter (After)

Last week I posted my before pictures and my list of what I wanted to accomplish in terms of paper clutter. I filed my recipes, and then set to work organizing my crafty binder. I used printer paper, and various free samples of Post-It tabs that I had gotten, to divide it into sections. I hole punched all the sheets and put them in there. I have a bunch of good stuff in there, if I ever have the time to make any of it! I put a few extra sheets of paper and the extra Post-Its right in the front of the binder in case I need to make any new sections.

Next came the trays. As you can see, they're still in the living room, and they're not empty, but I did get rid of all the extra statements and manuals that were living there.

Jesse has already overtaken the top of the scanner/printer that I had cleared off, and I left him the pile to the right to sort through, which is a bunch of information about his student loans. He can decide what needs to be kept and scanned, and then we will get rid of that stack as well.

I have a bag full of documents to shred, which is currently sitting by the shredder. I have to figure out a time to shred them when I will not scare the living daylights out of Jonah (he hates loud noises like that).

In addition to my projects that I had planned, I also organized our important papers and documents, pulling out items that didn't belong, and filing the rest by category, one section for each member of the family, one for taxes, and a few others.
And, while it may not be paper clutter, I knew I needed to rework my hotmail account when it told me I had reached the maximum of 250 rules for sorting e-mails into folders. I had just been rerouting them from the inbox, which pulled from specific e-mail addresses rather than by keywords. I got rid of rules for newsletters to which I no longer subscribed, and reworked the rest by keywords to get rid of duplicates. It took me about an hour total, but I went from 250 rules to just over 100. I also unsubscribed from several mailing lists which I had been meaning to do for awhile, and purposely rerouted others to my inbox so I will be able to unsubscribe the next time I receive an e-mail from them.
All in all, I'd say this week's decluttering was a success!

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