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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Iron Craft Challenge #3: G Is For...

This week's challenge was the letter G.  I'll be honest, I got stuck on this one for awhile, because all I could think of was "gorilla" and "giraffe".  I hang out with little kids, but it's been awhile since G was the letter of the week.

I finally had a eureka moment: garland!
Don't mind the mess that surrounds our fireplace!

I have not joined the adult coloring trendiness, but I knew I had seen some cute hearts with doodly patterns somewhere recently.  Facebook?  Feedly?  Somewhere else?  I didn't end up finding the ones I had thought were cute, but I found something similar here.  So that's what I went with.
What would you make for the letter G?


  1. I bet it was fun doing the coloring!

    1. It was not bad. I liked picking the color combinations!