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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekly Goals: September 20-26

These two have such unique personalities! I love seeing that shine through.  This was after we made Pharaoh's crook for our history project, to go along with our crowns.  Matthew destroyed his shortly afterwards, and Jonah got his taken away for throwing it.  Life with boys...

Last Week's Goals:

  • Figure out Periscope.  Done!  I like it, but...I'm never "on" at the same time as the bloggers I follow, so I have to listen to the replays, which is fine, except my phone glitches out half the time and doesn't play.  And also, have you ever tried to listen to anything with four kids running around?  Probably why I don't listen to podcasts either...It's a fun app, but I think it's not quite going to work in this season of life.
  • Start reading Women of the Word.  Life got in the way of reading this week, as it does sometimes.
  • Make applesauce!  Done!  I ended up getting four batches out of the big pile of apples I picked.  It turned out a bit on the tart side, but still pretty tasty.  There may be enough good ones on the trees for one or two more batches, or I might end up getting some more at a farmer's market sometime soon.  We love applesauce!
This Week's Goals:
  • Post something on here besides the next Weekly Goals post.  I told you it might get quieter on here now that school has started, and I was right, but I would still like to get something posted occasionally.
  • Start reading Women of the Word.
  • Make a blue Lego ninja birthday cake for Jonah.  Yep.  

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