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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Ideal Day

If you were to have the perfect day, what would it look like?  Mine would go a little something like this:

Sleep until I wake up.  If I slept well, this will be shortly after 6:00.  I'm okay with that.  

Move.  Family walk, yoga, something to get me moving and make me feel like I've accomplished something.

Breakfast, at least mostly prepared the day before.  Even though I'm up and moving, I'm not completely coherent at this point in the day.

Get something accomplished.  Morning is when I think best.  

Read to my little people.

Have an easy to prepare but still good for us lunch.

Enjoy a quiet cup of coffee and a book while the little people rest.

Get something else accomplished.  I'm a list-checker-offer.  

Have dinner, complete our evening routine, send the kids off to bed.

Spend some quality time with my honey.

Go to bed, satisfied with the day.

Is this realistic?  Usually parts of it are, although it's rare for it all to happen in the same day.  But thinking of my ideal day, I've realized that there are ways I can work towards this happening more often.

For instance, just while typing this up, I had a light bulb moment about breakfast.  I don't like having to do a lot of work for a healthy breakfast, at least not at 7:00am.  If I've made something the day before, it's a lot easier to get up, go for a walk, and come back to eat, than to spend the next half hour cooking.

My goal, then, is to look for ways to make it easier for every day to be like my ideal day.  What about you?

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