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Friday, September 4, 2015

Iron Craft Challenge #17: F

I'm late with this post, and I almost didn't have anything to show for this week's challenge, but then I realized that I did do a project that fits with the letter F: fixing the sleeves on my new pajamas.

I've been working my way into the KonMari method of organizing, and one of the things that I liked was the idea of getting actual pajamas.  I had one winter set, but I picked up a summer set a couple weeks ago.  It's pretty and pink, and Hannah says "Mom jams", which sounds like she's saying "My jam", and it's adorable. 
But the sleeves were too tight.  I have a bit of the flappy arm thing going on, and I needed to give my arms some breathing room.  So I cut along the seam, and hemmed the remaining bits at an angle.  The sleeves fit now, and I can sleep comfortably.  It's the little things...

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