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Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Goals: September 13-19

Me and Elizabeth enjoying some outside time while the rest of the kids played.

Last Week's Goals:

  • Figure out a treat to make for my birthday.  Done! I made a gluten free chocolate chip cheesecake, and it was delicious!
  • Get the kids to draw pictures and order photo prints to send to several relatives.  They drew the pictures, but I haven't ordered photos yet.  Hopefully I'll be able to do that soon though!
  • Enjoy my birthday! I did! It was a perfectly normal day.  Everything that could go well went well.

This Week's Goals:
  • Figure out Periscope.  This is a new app that a lot of the bloggers I follow have been talking about, so my goal is to figure out how it works and see if it's something I like.
  • Read (or at least start reading) Women of the Word, which I won from Holy Hen House last week!  I've had troubles finding a good way to get into my own personal Bible studies, and reading the description of this book sounded like it might be a good fit to help me dig deeper.
  • Make applesauce! We picked apples off of our backyard tree, and although a bunch of them were partially eaten by birds and bugs, there were still a bunch that look like they'll be good.  

My husband spoiled me with appliances this birthday.  We got a chest freezer, which we've been going back and forth on for awhile, and he picked one up on Friday.  I also got an immersion blender to replace my broken one, and a new basic coffeemaker so I can make hot coffee again, because we realized part of why we're going through so much milk is my daily iced coffee.  Ha!  It's still a good treat, but with the colder temperatures coming (yay!) I'm in the mood for hot coffee again anyways.