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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Iron Craft Challenge #12: I'm Your Biggest Fan

This was supposed to be up last Tuesday, but we were on vacation.  Better late than never!

For the last Iron Craft Challenge, I made a Superman/Wonder Woman wall hanging for our room (I've since painted the sides in accent colors and I really like how that turned out!).

The boys saw that and wanted one for their room too.  Even though their dad is a Superman fan, the boys actually like Batman and the Joker.  So I wanted to make a Batman themed hanging for their room.  

I did my google image search to find appropriate silhouettes to print.  The hardest to find was a Joker that wasn't too scary or Heath Ledger (he's awesome, but not very black-and-white-printable).  I finally found one, along with Batman and Robin together, and Gotham City. 

I didn't mess around with finding the perfect book page texts this time, because I don't know Batman lore as much, and also because the kids can't read yet...
A little mod podge, a little paint, and voila!  
What a nice pair of superhero pictures!

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