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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekly Goals: June 14-20

First big news: Jonah lost his tooth!  I had fun playing tooth fairy, and wrote him a little note from "Toothie the Tooth Fairy" to go along with his treat.
This past Thursday was Heartland Days for our town.  Our church had a float and new t-shirts.  Jesse and the boys were part of the candy brigade walking in the parade, and I sat with the girls and chatted with an older woman next to us.  I'm not always good at small talk, but that's one of those things that I'm trying to practice when I can.

I was also really proud of the float, because the artwork you see there was designed by my husband and drawn by me!  I had help with the painting, but it was largely something we created, and I like how it turned out.  This was one of those instances where I knew it wasn't going to turn out perfectly, and I was okay with good enough.  I can't always get past that, so it was nice to have some success there too.  (I guess it was a good week for me to work on some of the character traits I'm lacking in!)

Last Week's Goals:

  • Write a guest post for another blog.  Done, but it was rejected, so I might re-work it and post it here anyways.
  • Figure out which homeschool curricula to order first and get that ordered. Not done.
  • Clean the microwave. Done!
  • Send a card and present for my cousin's baby shower.  I got everything together, but I'll have to mail it tomorrow.
Here's some other things that were on my big to do list that I accomplished instead of what I actually chose for this week:
  • Organize my Kindle.  Similar to my Pinterest cleanout, I got rid of things I was no longer interested in, and reorganized, including making a "Less Than 100 Pages" list, so when I'm just looking for a quick read, I can start there.
  • Filled out two of the organizing sheets in this post, one for paper clutter, and one for the craft cupboard.  I'm looking forward to completing the projects and hopefully sharing them on the blog later this week!  My other two, for the homeschool room, and the upstairs craft room, are longer projects as I look for free (or inexpensive) storage solutions.  Anyone have any free tables/shelving?
This Week's Goals:
  • Meal plan, make the grocery list (today), go grocery shopping (Monday), and do the food prep so everything is ready to go for our trip and for when we get back (Tuesday-Thursday).
  • Read 2 of the books on my Less Than 100 Pages list.
  • Finish the projects from my paper clutter and craft cupboard lists.

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