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Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekly Goals: June 1-6

This past week, I've been trying to shift Elizabeth's schedule so that her eating times are a little bit more specific (something we've done in the past with the other three kids with great success), and so that she takes two bigger naps instead of three shorter sporadic ones.

And it's gone horribly.

She's still got some digestion/gas issues sometimes, I'm pretty sure the teething is never-ending (because there's no teeth yet), she's almost crawling and it freaks her out.  I'm never quite sure what the problem is, so I have to try to guess to solve it, and for some reason, my motherly intuition is off with this kid.  One night this week she had a choking fit in the middle of the night due to spitting up and/or swallowing a bug?  I'm still not completely sure.  I just know that the sound of a baby gasping at 3am is not something I'd like to repeat.  All this to say, sleep has been a luxury this week.  This too shall pass...probably right about the time we start traveling and mess everything up.

Last Week's Goals:

  • Start planning for next year's homeschool curriculum.  Almost done!  I still have two subjects to decide on, and we have to actually order the things we don't have (we'll be doing that over the summer to spread out the costs).  It's nice to have that checked off my list though!  I'll be posting a list of what we're planning on sometime in the next few weeks.
  • Figure out a loose meal and snack plan for our trip to Minnesota in a few weeks.  Almost done!  I'm trying to set up dinner plans with a few people still, but I have the rest figured out.
  • Cash in points from apps and rewards sites for swimsuit money.  Done and ordered!  I ended up with $63.81 from all of my rewards sites, and my swimsuit cost $74.20 after shipping and tax.  I can handle $11 out of pocket.
  • Work on the June church newsletter.  Not done.  It's for the first Sunday of the month, so I technically have this week to finish it.  Better get working!
This Week's Goals:
  • Do the June church newsletter.
  • Make the June 2-15 menu plan and grocery list (Monday), go shopping (Tuesday), and do meal prep (Tuesday-whenever it gets done).  This is always quite the undertaking, so I really should consider it an achievement whenever I get it done.
  • Clear the rest of the non-homeschool stuff out of the homeschool room and see what school stuff I have and want to have out so I can figure out tables/bookshelves/storage and what we're going to need.  And hang the big map of the world.

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