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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Weekly Goals: May 31 - June 6

I just realized I never updated my goals from last week!  Better late than never...
The boys were working on some of their school projects, and Hannah wanted to do school too.  She hasn't done much with coloring yet, because she got over the whole "stick everything in your mouth" phase fairly recently, but I gave her some crayons and showed her what to do, and she's pretty much been coloring ever since, stopping every few minutes to say "Loo' it!" (look at it!).  

Last Week's Goals (catch up on everything from the week before):
  • Mop the downstairs floors. Done!
  • Move my craft stuff into the room upstairs.  I paid the boys each $1.00 to do most of the work.  I just had to carry a few heavier things.  I left my shelves downstairs for use in school things, so I still need to find some storage solutions upstairs, but hey! I have a craft room.
  • Take pictures of our mostly planted garden and write an update blog post. You can see that here.
  • Start reading a new book. Nope.
This Week's Goals:
  • Start planning for next year's homeschool curriculum.  We'll have Jonah in Kindergarten (his second year because of birthdays and because of how things worked out this past year), and Matthew in Pre-K.
  • Figure out a loose meal and snack plan for our trip to Minnesota in a few weeks.  We may or may not get fully reimbursed for food from our congregation, so I'm trying to figure out a way to do several meals cheaply so we still have money for Caribou Coffee.  Because it's that yummy.
  • Cash in points from various apps and rewards sites for Paypal money and see what my swimsuit budget looks like.  I'd like a new one by July, and I'd like to not pay for it. I have about $20 already in there from Swagbucks, so adding to that, plus looking at clearance deals, I'm hoping to find something that will work.
  • Work on the June church newsletter.  Because it's the last week of the month, so of course I haven't done it yet.

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