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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekly Goals: May 3-9

Earlier this week, Jonah asked if I would draw a picture of the snake creature from his Ninjago movie.  In high school and college, I actually used to draw and paint fairly often, but I haven't done a lot since then.  I ended up drawing about six different people and creatures for the boys to color.  A good reminder from the kids to never stop being creative...

Last Week's Goals:
  • Price everything for the garage sale. I finished Thursday night, and we had our sale Friday and Saturday.
  • Figure out May birthday presents. I ordered Mother's Day cards and figured out about half of the presents, plus I made a list so I won't forget anyone!
  • Do the May church newsletter. Done! I also discovered that I can do a church newsletter in about 2 hours if I need to.  Someday I'll learn not to procrastinate...
This Week's Goals:
  • Move my craft stuff into the extra room upstairs.  Since we've decided to homeschool (again), we're going to use the other half of the toy room downstairs for our school room.  Now that the garage sale stuff is out of the extra room upstairs, it will become the craft room.  Once those spaces get a little more complete, I'll post before and afters on the blog!
  • Work my way through my spring cleaning checklist.  I have 10-15 extra cleaning tasks that I've written down but haven't done yet.
  • Figure out an Iron Craft project for the current challenge.  The theme is "faux", to make something that looks like something else.  I have no ideas right now.

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