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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekly Goals: March 22-28

I think every pastor's wife has a "thing" that she does for her church family.  My thing is to make a cross cake for baptisms.  I like baking, and while I'll never professionally decorate cakes by any means, it gives me a chance to do something creative and special with yummy food.  We had a baptism this morning, which meant I spent part of yesterday decorating this cake.

Last Week's Goals:

  • Figure out April content for the church newsletter.  It's figured out in my head, but I need to actually go find it and put it in the newsletter.
  • Find answers to my composting questions.  Not yet.
  • Finish reading This Is What You Just Put In Your Mouth? and start another book.  Nope.  But I will this week, if only so I don't have to keep typing that long title...
  • Finish the Lego sorting.  Done! We're going with a less-is-more philosophy with the Legos, keeping only 15 specific packs (plus all of the mixels and a bunch of free play pieces).  I won't tell you how many packs we're getting rid of. It's a lot.
This Week's Goals:
  • Put together the April church newsletter.
  • Pick a few activities for our family trip this summer and throw out a tentative schedule for everyone to react to. 
  • Finish that book!
  • Successfully make it through Easter for Kids on Saturday, Matthew's birthday on Saturday, playing organ for Palm Sunday, and whatever else comes up this week.  I'm really excited for the next two weeks to be over.  I love Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, but it's such a busy, hard time.

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