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Monday, September 1, 2014

August Goals Update

My goals were very school-oriented this month, and I managed to get everything ready in time to start!

  • Start teaching Hannah how to eat with utensils. We've started, and she's willing to use them when I feed her, but she has no interest in picking them up herself.  
  • Get rid of Hannah's pacifier. Done!
  • Continue weekly library trips. We go every Thursday afternoon!
  • Plan my first 3 Science Units. I planned my first unit, which will take us through September.  I haven't planned anything beyond that yet, but I do have other unit ideas and resources saved. It's just a matter of putting it into my weekly lesson plans.
  • Order my math curriculum and plan the first two months.  I opted to use the free math resources through Wittenberg Academy, and I have the first month planned out.
  • Plan A through D in Letter of the Week. Done! I'm excited to see which activities Jonah likes best.

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