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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Iron Craft Challenge #16: Summer Whites

I really thought a project for a color challenge would be easy to come up with.  And then we got one, and I drew a big fat blank.  Finally, last night, I looked at what materials I had that fit with the color, white.  White felt stood out, especially as something I could whip up quickly.  At this rate I'm going to have enough Christmas ornaments to decorate a whole tree, just from Iron Craft challenges!  But I like making them, and they're usually quick and easy.
I wanted to do a poofy tree with rounded branches, and I think I accomplished that.  I drew a pattern on felt, and cut it out.  I sewed the crystal beads (leftover from Challenge #1 this year) onto one side, then sewed the two sides together most of the way.  I flipped it right side out, stuffed it, and sewed up the rest of the seam.  And that was that!
How many Christmas ornaments am I up to now?  How many more challenges will I end up making them for?


  1. Hey, I'm making an ornament a week, so I'm with you. This one is super sweet. It's funny I had a hard time with white too.

  2. I wasn't even planning to do the Advent Calendar challenge this year, but at this rate, I'm probably keeping up!